Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lush Cosmetics: Mask of Magnaminty


Hello, My Name is Kate and I'm addicted to face masks. 

       When I first tried this I was pleasantly surprised, my skin looked radiant and felt so smooth even days after use. The only problem I encountered while using this mask is that the large exfoliating pieces got stuck in the mesh strainer that I use in my sink drain. So, I decided to use this in the shower since I knew that it wouldn't cause the same problem. 

      Honestly I don't think this masks works well in the shower for the face because of the moisture in the air doesn't let the clay dry.  BUT!! Since this is a face AND body mask I decided to use it on my shoulders because I do suffer from a little body acne and it has literally turned it around for me. 

    I apply this mask twice a week in the shower to my shoulders after I apply my hair conditioner and let it sit while I wash my body. Ever since I started using this about a month ago my body acne has subsided, my shoulders are smooth and although the acne has left a little scarring this is the only product that has treated my shoulder acne successfully. 

I would definitely recommend this to people who suffer from any type of acne and doesn't mind a little grit in the drain.


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